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第4回 : J-1 Traineeビザに“2年間ルール”は適用されるの?

「J-1 Traineeビザ(J-1プログラムのビザ)で渡航をした後、2年間は日本に戻って過ごさないといけないのですか?」というお問い合わせやご質問をよくいただきます。実は、弊社で過去に申請のサポートした中で、2年間ルールの適用になった方はいらっしゃいません。

J-1ビザには、14種類のカテゴリーがあります。そのうち、弊社ではサポートの実績が多い順から3つ挙げると、1.Summer Work Travel(学生のみが参加できるプログラム)、2.Trainee、3.Internとなります。


国務省や移民局のサイトでTwo Year Rule(2年間ルール)について検索すると、以下のような情報が見つかります。

Some exchange visitors with J-1 visas are subject to a two-year home-country physical presence requirement. It requires you to return  home for at least two years after your exchange visitor program. This requirement is part of U.S. law, in the Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 212(e). If you cannot return home for two years, you must apply fora waiver. The Department of Homeland Security must approve your waiver before you can change status in the United States or receive a visa in certain categories.

出典:国務省ホームページ “Waiver of the Exchange Visitor Two-Year Home-Country Physical Presence Requirement”

(e) No person admitted under section 101(a)(15)(J) or acquiring such status after admission (i) whose participation in the program for which he came to the United States was financed in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by an agency of the Government of the United States or by the government of the country of his nationality or his last residence, (ii) who at the time of admission or acquisition of status under section 101(a)(15)(J) was a national or resident of a country which the Director of the United States Information Agency pursuant to regulations prescribed by him, had designated as clearly requiring the services of persons engaged in the field of specialized knowledge or skill in which the alien was engaged, or (iii) who came to the United States or acquired such status in order to receive graduate medical education or training, shall be eligible to apply for an immigrant visa, or for permanent residence, or for a nonimmigrant visa under section 101(a)(15)(H) or section 101(a)(15)(L) until it is established that such person has resided and been physically present in the country of his nationality or his last residence for an aggregate of a least two years following departure from the United States: Provided, That upon the favorable recommendation of the Director, pursuant to the request of an interested United States Government agency (or, in the case of an alien described in clause (iii), pursuant to the request of a State Department of Public Health, or its equivalent), or of the Com missioner of Immigration and Naturalization after he has determined that departure from the United States would impose exceptional hardship upon the alien's spouse or child (if such spouse or child is a citizen of the United States or a lawfully resident alien), or that the alien cannot return to the country of his nationality or last residence because he would be subject to persecution on account of race, religion, or political opinion, the Attorney General may waive the requirement of such two-year foreign residence abroad in the case of any alien whose admission to the United States is found by the Attorney General to be in the public interest except that in the case of a waiver requested by a State Department of Public Health, or its equivalent, or in the case of a waiver requested by an interested United States government agency on behalf of an alien described in clause (iii), the waiver shall be subject to the requirements of section 214(l) 22aaa/ : And provided further, That, except in the case of an alien described in clause (iii), the Attorney General may, upon the favorable recommendation of the Director, waive such two-year foreign residence requirement in any case in which the foreign country of the alien's nationality or last residence has furnished the Director a statement in writing that it has no objection to such waiver in the case of such alien.

出典:合衆国政府印刷局 Authenticated U.S. Government Information GPO(U.S. Government Publishing Office)


弊社が主にサポートしているSummer Work Travel、Trainee、Internといったプログラムは、政府ではなく、候補者が自身で費用を準備するため、2年間ルールの適用にはなっていないのだと思います。

J-1 Traineeビザには、この2年間ルール以外に、プログラム終了後に2年以上アメリカ以外の国に滞在をしていれば、再度J-1 Traineeのプログラムに参加できるという別の規定があります。それはまた別の機会にご紹介いたします。

注意事項 : 上記は一般的な情報であり、個人の状況や背景によって当てはまらない場合があります。ご質問等がありましたら、個別に弊社にお問い合わせください。お客様の状況に適した情報をご提供いたします。

2020年 1月 6日更新



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J-1ビザのスペシャリストAIT work abroad(AIT work abroad)

サム教育学院は、 1986年の創立以来、新宿で日本語を勉強する外国人の日本語教育を提供しております。その子会社であるブリッジアカデミーは、主にインターンや就労を目的として海外に渡航する日本人のサポートを行っており、インバウンドとアウトバウンドの両者へのサポート実績から適切なご案内が可能です。ブリッジアカデミーに所属するAITでは、これまでアメリカのJ-1ビザを申請した3千名以上の方のサポートを行いました。豊富な申請実績から、J-1ビザ申請者の気になる情報を幅広くご案内いたします。

AIT work abroad

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AIT work abroad について詳しくはこちらをご覧ください。


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